Diversity at London & Partners: Our response to Black Lives Matter

Statement from Laura Citron, CEO London & Partners:

The Black Lives Matter protests and the brutal events which led to them have been a reminder of the reality of the discrimination that exists within our society.

We are an international organisation, with a global team located in 14 cities outside London. We recognise that racism takes different forms in the different markets in which we operate – but it exists everywhere.

It has prompted us to ask ourselves at London & Partners how we as an organisation can make a meaningful difference to the fight against systemic racism.

We have purposefully chosen to take time to listen to our teams and reflect as an organisation before we shared our approach. We are a diverse organisation with colleagues from different backgrounds, of different races and nationalities and different beliefs, but we are united in our stand against racism.

We have acknowledged our collective and individual responsibility to educate ourselves, and we have thought about how to make changes that are lasting and meaningful.

The conversations have been difficult and revealing.

The result has been a commitment to do better within London & Partners, and to use our global voice for change. We have made specific commitments that we can be held accountable for. This is not a new journey for us, but we have a long road ahead.

We have been committed to championing diversity and inclusion at London & Partners in several ways. By ensuring that our hiring, remuneration, development and promotion practices are fair and equitable, irrespective of any diverse characteristic. By creating a Diversity & Inclusion Council to support minority groups and ensure their voices and concerns are heard and acted upon by senior leadership. By selecting charitable partners like the Stephen Lawrence Trust as our Corporate Charity in 2019 and by championing initiatives like our ORIGINS network which celebrates diversity as well as providing a safe space for minority individuals in the organisation.

Today, we commit to continuing our journey with the following immediate actions within our organisation:

  • All senior leaders at London & Partners will undertake further diversity training by the end of June. Everyone in the organisation will undertake further diversity training by the end of September. It will be refreshed annually and it will be mandatory.
  • All managers at London & Partners will ensure that all team members have the support they need at this time – that includes creating a safe space for conversations within their team, support with workload during this emotionally traumatic time and mental health and wellbeing support wherever needed.

It is our job to promote London globally. That is a privilege and a responsibility. Millions of people around the world engage with our content. They range from tourists, to businesses to students. We have a responsibility to recognise and champion Black Londoners and the contribution that the Black community and Black culture make to our city.

Today, we commit to continuing our journey with the following immediate actions to use on our global platforms:

  • We will amplify Black content creators in our consumer marketing channels like VisitLondon and StudyLondon.
  • We will champion Black-led businesses, Black founders and Black leaders in our business marketing channels and events.

These actions are not exhaustive by any means, but they are actions we can take immediately whilst we consider what more we need to do to make lasting change.

We strive to make London & Partners an organisation that reflects and champions the diversity of the city that we promote.